in a valley of rainbows

The Haven is located in Bajo Boquete -- the heart of the world-famous coffee growing region of western Panama... in an area appropriately nicknamed “The Valley of the Rainbows”.

Boquete is a small, yet active town on the Caldera River. The surrounding Chiriquí Highlands are home to world-renowned coffee plantations and the Barú Volcano National Park. Highlights in the park include the towering Barú Volcano and Los Quetzales Trail, which offers sightings of the elusive quetzal bird. North of town, the Bajo Mono Loop drive has expansive views of the forest.

Town itself is a colorful combination of locals, indigenous, and foreigners in a setting which is simultaneously urban and rural. Streets are lined with flowers. Bakeries and local eateries are plenty. There is an impressive range of dining options, with a broad spectrum from food-trucks to fine-dining!

During the day, you will find open-air markets with small treasures and souvenirs. In the evening, the local park swirls with activity. The air is fresh, and people are friendly.

Beautiful rainbows of Boquete
Big sign with BOQUETE letters
Boquete's Central Park on a sunny Afternoon
Tropical Quetztal Bird
enjoy our Boquete!


Boquete’s amazing mountain area has many activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll along the river or a zipline rush over a canopy of green... or anything in-between! ...there is something for everyone. Please reach out to us to arrange any type of activity.


As seen on the Discovery Channels “Uncharted Waters”, The Haven can deliver the fish of a lifetime. We can provide the exact experience you are looking for, whether its chasing that once-in-a-lifetime big game fish or a local experience chasing the native species of Panama. We can build a trip around you and everything will be handled by our expert staff, ensuring you the most unforgettable experience.


Hike the highest point of Panama and feel the fresh air and a unique view of the two oceans in a clear day. It is a challenge for people with a good hiking skill or if you prefer we offer jeeps tours.


Shoot the rapids along the Chiriquí Viejo river, enjoy fresh water and beautiful scenery as you go, but watch out – those rapids will get your adrenaline pumping!


Take your camera! The most important places to visit and see in Boquete are waiting for you in this tour.


Leave early, bring your binoculars ... there is so much life out on trails ideal for watching the greatest variety of birds, including the resplendent quetzal, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, tanagers and more.


Tarzan 21st century! Glide through the treetops of century – old forest, high above the pristine rivers and waterfalls that make up to the incredible collection of natural landscape bordering the National Park La Amistad and the famous Baru Volcano.


Spend some time exploring the fascinating ecosystems of the cloud forest. You might see birds, insects, monkeys and wildlife, breath fresh air and have wonderful photos. Trails with varying degrees of difficulty are available.


Take a ride along the beautiful trails of Boquete. Keep a look out for the wonderful views and wildlife that´s all around in this unique tour. Spectacular views of the mountains and Pacific ocean.


Take a soak in the thermal mineral baths of Caldera. Relax in the natural setting and see wonderful wildlife and birds. Give to your body a natural treatment away the stress, tension, aches and pains.


Learn more about coffee farming and roasting… a tasting of the best coffee in the world. Coffee has history and many interesting facts that you must to know.